Dr. David Song

Dr. David Song



宋医生有二十多年的中加口腔临床工作经验,在技术上精益求精,尤其对牙齿正畸(brace)、牙齿种植(implant tooth)、智齿拔除(wisdom tooth extraction)等复杂技术有很深的造诣。宋医生经常参加世界各地的学术交流,是美国正畸牙医师学会国际会员, 世界正畸牙医师学会会员,国际种植牙医师学会会员,并获得过一项口腔矫治器的欧洲发明专利,多项中国发明专利。



Dr. Cheng

Dr. Cheng grew up in Vancouver and completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Cheng seeks to provide optimal dental care for his patients in a sensitive and friendly manner. Dr. Cheng is empathetic and gentle; he believes that spending an extra few minutes communicating and understanding patient’s needs and concerns can greatly improve treatment outcome.

Dr. Cheng practices all forms of general dentistry, including fillings, root canal treatments, crowns/ bridges, veneers, invisalign, teeth whitening, and extractions. Dr. Cheng is a registered member of the Canadian Dental Association and the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia; and has received the Bisco Dental Product Award and Dr. Alan A. Lowe Award in Orthodontics from the University of British Columbia. He is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

郑医生从小在温哥华长大,于英属哥伦比亚大学(University of British Columbia)获得牙医博士学位。郑医生总是在友善放松的医疗环境下尽心的为病人提供最完善的治疗。郑医生善解人意,对于患者的感受十分关注; 他认为花费额外几分钟的时间沟通并了解患者的需求可以大大改善治疗效果。

郑医生提供基本牙科治疗,包括补牙、拔牙、烤瓷牙、根管治疗、前牙美容修复,牙齿美白、Invisalign透明矫正等服务。可用英语和普通话交流。郑医生为加拿大牙医协会会员以及BC省牙外科学院院士,曾获UBC授予奖项包括Bisco Dental Product Award 和 Dr. Alan A. Lowe Award in Orthodontics。

Dr. Lin

Dr. Lin was born in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver with his family at the age of 10. He completed his undergraduate at UBC in Biochemistry and his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry in Michigan, USA.

After graduation, he worked for three years in Toronto before deciding to return back to Vancouver to join his family and friends. As a member of Ontario Dental Association, BC Dental association, Academy of General Dentistry and American Dental Association, Dr. Lin is dedicated towards providing the best treatment to his patients.

Aside from Dr. Lin’s passion towards dentistry, he also enjoys playing basketball, working out and travelling.

Dr. Kim 金医生

Dr. Danny Kim completed his dental degree from McGill University, followed by the successful completion of his general practice residency at the University of British Columbia.

During his residency Dr. Kim honed his expertise in treating medically complex patients. His proficiency spans various facets of dentistry, including restorative, surgical, and emergency procedures. In the pursuit of excellence, Dr. Kim adheres to the highest standards of care, approaching his practice with a compassionate and holistic mindset that resonates with his patients.

Fluent in both English and Korean, Dr. Kim also possesses conversational proficiency in Mandarin.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Kim is an avid tennis player and cellist. Dr. Danny Kim seamlessly blends his dedication to dental excellence with a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and personal interests.


Bonnie graduated from dental hygiene in 1996. She displays patience, kindness and compassion in her delivery of care. She believes in lifelong learning and spending quality time with her family.
洁牙师Bonnie 有二十年的工作经验,在治疗过程中她细致,耐心,而且很有爱心。她坚持不断学习提高。




Val Zhu has been in dental field since 2009. She started out as a dental assistant then excelled into dental hygiene. She is very patient and experienced with client care. Val has exceptional skills focus on preventative management. She had given oral hygiene lectures in neighborhood communities and elementary school programs. She has strong passion to promote healthy oral lfestyles to all ages.