What is root canal treatment (endodontic treatment)?

A root canal is the hollow part of the tooth root that serves as a passage for the dental nerve, providing nutrition to the tooth. Normally, the root canal is not connected to the oral cavity. However, due to tooth decay and the destruction of dental tissue, the root canal becomes connected to the oral cavity, creating a pathway for bacteria to reach deeper tissues in the jawbone that leads to apical inflammation, pain, and swelling. To block this pathway, the dentist removes the dental nerve from the root canal, cleans the canal, and fills it tightly with filling materials. This process is called root canal treatment. Sometimes, root canal treatment is also performed when there is tooth trauma, hidden cracks, or the need for restoration.

Why do dentists recommend placing a crown after root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is mostly done due to severe tooth decay. Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment due to severe decay are usually weak and prone to damage. If a protective crown is not in place, patients often experience tooth fractures and irreversible tooth loss after accidentally biting on hard objects such as stones or bones.

Therefore, dentists often recommend placing a protective crown on a tooth after root canal treatment. Sometimes, a post needs to be inserted before placing the crown.

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