Dental filling

When is the optimal time for filling a cavity?

If you have a cavity or dental defect, it is best to fill it as soon as possible. Early cavities or minor defects are easier to treat, often requiring just one visit and incurring lower costs. Delaying the treatment can lead to extensive damage, sometimes requiring root canal treatment which makes it more complex and expensive to treat.

Does filling a cavity hurt?

Filling a cavity does not hurt. Traditionally, people associate dental fillings with pain. However, with advancements in technology and dental practices, pain-free treatment has become the standard in dental care.

What materials are used for filling cavities?

There are three main types of materials used for filling cavities: amalgam, composite resin, and inlays.

Amalgam Fillings: Although they are cost-effective, their dark color, lack of aesthetic appeal, and environmental concerns have led to their decline in popularity.

Composite Resin Fillings: These are favored for their tooth-like color and appearance.

Inlays: The most expensive of the three options, inlays can be made of porcelain, composite resin, or gold. They offer advantages such as stability in temperature changes, aesthetic appeal, high hardness, minimal removal of tooth structure, and durability.

Why might there be pain after filling a cavity?

If the cavity is small, there is generally no pain after filling. However, deep cavities close to the pulp chamber may cause post-treatment pain. Possible reasons include:

  • Irritation from removing the decayed tooth structure during the procedure.
  • Irritation from the filling material.
  • Failure of pulp capping (a method attempting to preserve the dental nerve).

If a high spot is present on the filling (the filling is higher than what your tooth was naturally), it can also cause pain. In such cases, contact your dentist promptly for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

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